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Zinciriye (Sultan İsa) Madrasa

Zinciriye (Sultan İsa) Madrasa

Sultan Isa Madrasa, built in 1385 by Melik Necmeddin Isa bin Muzaffer Davud bin El Melik Salih, who was last Artuqid Sultan ruling in Mardin and which is called as Zinciriye Madrasa among people, stands out even from afar with its cusped domes on the east and west edges and high monumental portal in the east side.

The building, which covers a rectangular and large area, consists of courtyard on two floors, mosque, tomb and various additional places. When entered from the portal, one comes into a place that is covered with a stellar vault; there is a corridor that goes to the courtyard with mosque site.

There is a muqarnased squinched dome in the middle of the mosque site which is in the south of the corridor. Sides of the mihrab are decorated with inlaid designs. Mimbar is made of cut stone. One passes from the iwan in the west of courtyard to a place covered with a squinched dome that is seemingly a tomb.

Upper floor mostly consists of very small room places. These are the rooms of the people who once studied in madrasa. Melik Necmeddin Isa, who battled with the army of Timur(789 and 803 of the Hegira) which was firstly seen in Mardin, was imprisoned in that madrasa for a while. Mardin Museum retained its function in Zinciriye Madrasa before it was moved to its present building.

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