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The Tokmaks Family House

The Tokmaks Family House

The Tokmaks house, which is one of the largest houses in Mardin among a group of Assyrian houses, is located in Yenikapi District, on a hillside close to Emineddin Social Complex. The building is five floored with the ground floor.

Since land slope and parcel depth are much in that region, the number of floors in the house were increased and the designs were made in terracing forms. In the structure of each floor, places were located in the north edge of the terraces and annexes ranging southwardly on the east edge of the ward were built as long as city block allowed.

Structural units the entrances of which are independent from each other gives the opinion that they were built in different periods with their functional and formal features from place to place. In the building, which has been divided into various parts since many families have inhabited, some half-open places have been closed and some additions have been made.

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