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Nezirhan Hotel

This lovely hotel in Mardin is surrounded by some beautiful gardens and offers wonderful views of the local scenery. The lobby is also well furnished, with a shopping centre inside. All rooms have private batroom, air conditioning, direct dial telephone, TV and minibar facilities. The rooms are spacious, with comfortable furnishings and traditonal style decor. The restaurants are indoor and ... Read More »

Aydinlar Hotel

The Aydinlar Hotel offers budget rooms equipped with cable / satellite channels, a TV and free Wi-Fi. Facilities include a hair salon, luggage storage and a beauty salon. The hotel also offers its guests an airport transfer service. The rooms at the Aydinlar Hotel offer a private bathroom, a mini bar and a safe. The Aydinlar Hotel has its own ... Read More »

Sirvan Castle

Mardin Nusaybin, Günyurdu northeast of the village, this castle is located between the villages of Degirmencik with Turgutlu V. century were made in order to safeguard against the Byzantines by the Sassanids. Castles made ​​of cut stone and rubble stone. Today, research is conducted in a dilapidated condition and that the plan of the castle is a enough information about ... Read More »

New Castle (Sacli Ali)

Mardin, Midyat-Nusaybin caravan crossing the narrow strait on the road, at the foot of the mountain, deep in the valley, the castle formed of a single piece of Byzantine Emperor rocky plain II.Constantinius’ s built on the orders of Dimitrios. Head of the public ascribed to the castle where the name originated from Ali is not known. Castle Midyat-Nusaybin been ... Read More »

Rahabdium (Hafemtay) Fortress

This Roman fortress is set on a peak near the Syrian border. The Nusaybin-Midyat caravanserai route passed through the valley to the east. The Hafemtay Fortress served as a Roman outpost against Syrian incursions, and was long fought over by the Arabs and Romans. The fortress stretches from south to north and has 14 towers and two watchtowers. The fortifying ... Read More »