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Mardin Restaurants

List of restaurants located in Mardin and districts. Antakya Döner Salonu – Mardin Phone : 0 482 213 30 40 Capacity : 68 Antik Sur Lokantası – Mardin Phone : 0 482 212 24 25 Capacity : 400 Artuklu Şark Sofrası – Mardin Phone : 0 482 213 13 70 Capacity : 200 Birtat Lahmacaun Pide Salonu – Mardin Phone ... Read More »

History of Mardin

Mardin, a poetic city in Southeastern Turkey, gives her visitors the feeling that time has ceased. Excavations in the area show that Mardin saw classic settlement since 4500 B.C. Mardin is an open air museum which skillfully mixes structures from Subari, Hurri, Sumerian, Akkadian, Mitanian, Hittite, Assyrian, Scythian, Babylonian, Persian, Macedonian, Abgarian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuk, Artuqid and Ottoman periods. ... Read More »

Maiden Fortress (Kal’at ül al Mara-Lorna-Jurekm)

This bow-shaped fortress played an important role in protecting the city. Inside is a stone throne thought to have belonged to a princess as well as a number of cisterns, wells, caves and architectural ruins. Read More »

Sultan Turkish Bath

Sultan Turkish Bath, which stands on two big domed places alongside, highly resembles Turkish bath structures of Rome Period in Diyarbakır and Bayburt in terms of its plan that has constantly opening and spreading characteristics. It must have been belonged to a period earlier than Artuqid Period, since the walls stand lower than the ground. It came until our day ... Read More »

Sheikh Cabuk Mosque

While its construction date is not certain, it’s highly possible that it gained its present identity in 15th century. It had to restoration in 19th century. The mosque, which spreads on a large area with the walls of garden that can be called courtyard, is on a transversal plan which is a common feature of the mosques and prayer rooms ... Read More »