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Mungan Family House

A group of houses in Savurkapi District are belonged to Haci Kermo Family,also known as the Mungans. Haci Kermo is the first member of the family that settled in Mardin coming from Syria in the midst of 17th century. It can be said that building of the ground floor of this house was done in the midst of 17th century, ... Read More »

Firdevs Pavillion

The mansion, built by cut stone, is a glorious building for Mardin house architecture, with iwans opening to the west, two-floor places between, being in a garden full of trees and having a pinnacle and a large pool in front of big iwan which is remarkable for Mardin architecture and also with fountains. The first pattern of the building is ... Read More »

Mardin Great Mosque Bath

Mardin Great Mosque in the neighborhood of the bath, Artukid Sultan Melik Salih (1312-1363) as the foundation, built the Great Mosque. Although there is no inscription baths, foundations and architectural records dated to the first half of XIV. Door to the street and to the east of the Grand Mosque is a simple rectangle with a barrel vault covers an ... Read More »

Traditional Houses of Mardin

Mardin, is located in an area, commanding the main road connecting the Diyarbakir to Nusaybin of the region known as Tur Abdin in history. When Anatolia was under the rule of the Seljuks, the city was on the main route linking the southern Anatolian port towns of Antalya and Alanya to Baghdad, and Basra via Mosul. In addition, it became ... Read More »

Anir Castle

5 km from the center of Mardin province. away from the castle on the hill behind the monastery Deyrulzaferan inscription has survived. Also been found sufficient information in the resources. In this regard, the date of construction have not been clarified.Defend the castle and surveillance purposes, made ​​of local stone and rubble stone. That the plan be drawn quite a ... Read More »