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These information is included in an investigation “it is not known certainly when and by whom Ömerli (once Maserti village) was founded”. According to the archaeological works, it is strange that the similarity at the centre of the province with Beşikkaya village (once fafit) about the stone arch and the architecture of the Cuppa. Sumer and Asur are the first ... Read More »


Savur is a lovely town similar to Mardin center with its historical background. It strikes attention as a town located on the slopes of a mountain and with its fine stone works. People who once dominated Mesopotamia had also their influence on this town. The history of the town goes back to the Hittites. Savur then came under the rule ... Read More »


A district surrounded by trees. A deep-rooted history, young town, abundance of cherry and hospitality…To the northeast of the center of Mardin is a green paradise in a valley with abundant recreational places. Water canals, fountains, sets and mills dating back to the Roman times are worth seeing. The culture of gardening is highly developed in the district. The Population ... Read More »