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Firdevs Pavillion

The mansion, built by cut stone, is a glorious building for Mardin house architecture, with iwans opening to the west, two-floor places between, being in a garden full of trees and having a pinnacle and a large pool in front of big iwan which is remarkable for Mardin architecture and also with fountains. The first pattern of the building is ... Read More »

Traditional Houses of Mardin

Mardin, is located in an area, commanding the main road connecting the Diyarbakir to Nusaybin of the region known as Tur Abdin in history. When Anatolia was under the rule of the Seljuks, the city was on the main route linking the southern Anatolian port towns of Antalya and Alanya to Baghdad, and Basra via Mosul. In addition, it became ... Read More »

Mardin Caves

Natural saves used to be important for mankind in finding a place to hide and live against vagaries of the nature or other peoples. Mardin has a specific place in history in this respect in that it gave rise to a cave culture flourishing parallel to rock culture. Inner spaces of these caves provide ample opportunities for visitors to appreciate ... Read More »