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Mort Smuni Church

While the construction date of the church is not known exactly, it’s thought to have remained from 6th century as it resembles Kırklar Church in terms of architecture. It got its name Mort Smuni, who was killed with her seven children for not giving up her belief and declared as saint. Walnut doors covered with iron pieces and large nails ... Read More »

Virgin Mary Church and Patriarchate

The beautifully ornamented church was constructed by Patriarch Antuan Semheri in 1860 and is supported by 21 columns. The choir gallery boasts excellent acoustics. The patriarchate was built in 1895 by the Patriarch of Antioch Ignatios Behnam Banni. Today, the building serves as the premises of the Mardin Museum. Read More »

Mor Hananyo Church

The monastery Mor Hananyo, also known as Kurkmo Dayro (in Syriac) or Deir ez-Za`faran (in Arabic) meaning the “Saffron Monastery”, is situated some five kilometers east of Mardin (in South eastern Turkey), in a shallow basin half-way up the side of the mountain ridge. This is one of the most known and ancient structure of Upper Mesopotamia, and the religious ... Read More »

Deyrulzafaran Monastery

The monastery, which presents 5 km east of Mardin, was a settlement for Assyrian Orthodox patriarchs for 640 years until 1932 and consisting of three floors, got its present form in 18th century, with additions made beginning from 5th century. Monastery, was built on a complex which was used as a sun temple before Christ and then as a tower ... Read More »