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Sitti Radiviyye (Hatuniyye) Madrasa

Sitti Radiviyye (Hatuniyye) Madrasa

Sitti Radviye Madrasa, which is an early and mature example in terms of madrasa architecture and a pioneer among iwaned madrasas, was built between the dates July 1176 – May 1184 and called as Hatuniye, the name of Sitti Raziye who was mother of Kutbettin Ilgazi.

The building covering a rectangular field, having two iwans, porched courtyard, and also being a two-floor madrasa had many changes in time, its first shape was considerably spoilt and lost its courtyard structure. In our day, a wall enclosing portico has been built to the west of iwan with mihrab in the south which should be main iwan of madrasa.

Mihrab ornaments presenting on main iwan points at the rich stone labour of Artuqid Period. Footprint of Prophet Mohammad can be seen in a showcase next to the mihrab. There is a squinched, domed, square tomb place in the east of iwan part which has been converted to mosque. It’s known that Kutbeddin Ilgazi, who died in 580(May 1184) was buried in that madrasa built by his mother.

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