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Savur is a lovely town similar to Mardin center with its historical background. It strikes attention as a town located on the slopes of a mountain and with its fine stone works. People who once dominated Mesopotamia had also their influence on this town. The history of the town goes back to the Hittites. Savur then came under the rule of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, Sasanids and Melikşah.

It is at a distance of 47 km to Mardin. It is nothing less than an archaeological site in itself with its castle; cave houses, the old grand mosque, Mor and Yuhanın churches, toms and antique Beşkavak Bridge.

The district center has a population of 11,240. There are 29,866 people living in outer towns and villages. 27 percent of the population lives in towns. There are four municipalities in the district: Central Municipality, Pınardere, Sürgücü and Yeşilalan.

Poplar, cereals, grape and vegetable culture are important sources of income. Pistachio and cherry culture is also promising. There is a now idle winery in the district despite the fame of Savur vineyards.

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