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Ruins of Mardin

Ruins of Mardin

Dara Ruins

The ruins of Dara are situated 30 km/ 18.6 miles southeast of Mardin on the road to Nusaybin in the village of Oguz whose houses are built on the site of a previous fortress.

Dara was once a significant place in Upper Mesopotamia. Dara was named after Darius I, or in original Persian “Darayavaush” meaning the “king”. After Alexander the Great vanquished the Persians, the region came under the domination of the Seleucids. Later Dara fell in turn to the Romans, the Parthians, the Byzantines, the Sassanids and the Arabs before it was incorporated into the Turkish territories.

During a short period of time Dara was renamed Anastasiopolis when it was fortified in 506 by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I against the Persian Sassanids. The remains of Dara spread over a vast area. They include an underground prison and an impressive monumental structure located under what was once the palace, cave-warehouses, cave-dwellings, large cisterns, an arsenal, a bridge, city walls…

Gırnavaz Ruins

Nusaybin 4 km. in the north east of the Khabur River tributaries of the creek, approximately 300 m from the era. in diameter and 24 m. height of the character is a settlement mound. In 1918, for the first time as a center of archaeological Girnavaz introduced to the scientific world, has been the subject of many papers in later years. Gırnavaz’ın studies conducted until 1991 BC. 4. MÖ.7 thousand. was used as a place of permanent settlement century. Priceless tombs unearthed in excavations metal weapons, ornaments, vases, lamps, seals and tablets were found.

Merdis-Marin Ruins

15 km from the town of Nusaybin. north east. Roman ruins, churches, cisterns and caves of grapes available.

Fitvar Ruins

Derik 13 km. containing the remains of an important cultural heritage from the Roman era, an ancient ruin.

Akbag Ruins

13 km from the city center. Akbağ away from the Village.

Hofi and Zorava Ruins

Derik District of great scientific and commercial center, 18 km from the ruin. away. The ancient Roman ruins of a large number of households, experienced a ruin of a civilization left today.

Besikkaya Ruins

Authentic artifacts left by the present structure experienced a significant ruin of civilization.

Telbisim Ruins

Derik 1 km. kent.Tepebağ this ancient structure south of the village is waiting for an authentic ruin.

Ramanus Ruins

Nusaybin 40 km. one found in the ruins of the ancient city east of the village of Kasribelak.

Kefertut Ruins

Koçlu connected Kızıltepe Village. Also Kızıltepe. Salah, Harzem. Bellüke Hafr (Yurderi) Haraba Amrud available.

The Mounds

Ortaköy Höyüğü (Mardin Merkez-Ortaköy), Kızıltepe Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe İlçesi), Kıleybin Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe ilçesi – Halkalı Köyü), Salah Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe İlçesi-Salah Köyü). Cirhari Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Cirhari Köyü), Abdulimam Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Abdulimam Köyü), Abbulkatar Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Katarlı köyü), Heşeli Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Dikmen Köyü), Büyük Bagaziye Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Büyük Boğaziye Köyü), Bünyas Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Büyükdere Köyü), Bektaş Höyüğü(Mardin-Kızıltepe- Bektaş Köyü), Gibrel Höyüğü (Mardin-Kızıltepe-Gibrel Köyü), Elet mevki Höyüğü (Mardin-Midyat-Acırlı beldesi), Hapisnas Höyüğü (Mardin-Midyat-Mercimekli Köyü), Gırnavaz Höyüğü (Mardin-Nusaybin-Çağlar Köyü), Harzem Höyüğü,(Mardin – Kızıltepe-Ziyaret Köyü)