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These information is included in an investigation “it is not known certainly when and by whom Ömerli (once Maserti village) was founded”. According to the archaeological works, it is strange that the similarity at the centre of the province with Beşikkaya village (once fafit) about the stone arch and the architecture of the Cuppa. Sumer and Asur are the first users of architecture style. Asur was founded in the area called North Mesopotamia in history and covering Ömerli when examing Yaylatepe (Hıbatak), Göllü, Ikıpınar, Beşikkaya(Fafit) and Maserti ruins, it is possible to understand that this place is quite ancient and the region was governed by Asurs , Persians, Romans, Bizans and Turkish İslamic countries by the moneys and statues found sometimes.

There is a historical place belonging to Suryanies, Suryani Mor Cırcis Church in the centre of the province. This church which nobody knows when it was built has been opened to worship after being restored. The oldest of the information about Ömerli and around it are belong to Asurs. It is mentioned about the Kasinarı mauntains in the books from 1305-1277 BC. This place mentioned is talking about Turabin one year Midyat, Ömerli , Mardin and Cizre regions. It is mentioned about the restrict of Mardin- Midyat in the Byzantium and Roman sources and in the works of Greek authors Arrianus and Ptolemaeus as Masion mountain. In 589 AD. Suryani, Nasturi lived crowdedly and Kildani, Mahalmi lived uncrowdedly in this area. They accepted to be Muslim in 1609 AD. in the period of Petriarch Sotfo. It is understood that had passed a few periods by the basis of a few buildings one under the other.

After these archaeological excavations, mosaic based houses, a white powder used by jewellers, coins belonging to Asur, Persian Byzantium, Arabic and Ottoman Emperor, statues patterns on pitchers and earthenware jars made of clay, pictures, ornaments were founded.

Because Sumers and Asurs used to consider to sculpturing and statues of Kings particularly the high number of the statues after the excavation means that the city was founded in ancient times. It’s learned by the history of the Suryani Kadim that Turkish attackers coming from the east after Malazgirt Square war 1071 stayed on this region while going to west.

In 1517 after Mercidabık and Ridaniye Wars of Yavuz Sultan Selim, Mardin its suburbs was conquered by Ottoman Emperor . They were Turkish after a short time. While Omerli(Maserti Village) was a nook related to Savur in the first years of the Republic, It became a province in 1953.

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