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New Castle (Sacli Ali)

New Castle (Sacli Ali)

Mardin, Midyat-Nusaybin caravan crossing the narrow strait on the road, at the foot of the mountain, deep in the valley, the castle formed of a single piece of Byzantine Emperor rocky plain II.Constantinius’ s built on the orders of Dimitrios. Head of the public ascribed to the castle where the name originated from Ali is not known.

Castle Midyat-Nusaybin been a rocky area in order to control the path of the caravan. Spread over a wide area of ​​the castle and its surroundings ends 1000 m of height. The height of the walls of 10 m. remains to be understood over the wall. In some places the rock rubble and the ruins of the castle, water cisterns, and the walls have survived to support the horoscope.

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