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Mungan Family House

Mungan Family House

A group of houses in Savurkapi District are belonged to Haci Kermo Family,also known as the Mungans. Haci Kermo is the first member of the family that settled in Mardin coming from Syria in the midst of 17th century.

It can be said that building of the ground floor of this house was done in the midst of 17th century, depending on the argument that it was built by Haci Kemo. The building has three floors including ground floor.

But there are some mezzanine floors reached by stairs at some points. Since the land slope is low in this region of the city, first and second floors ascend on the ground floor. Besides, entrances to house from three different grades were built.

There is a differentiation on front shaping from the ground to the upstairs. The windows and doors, portico or iwan arch, which have a plain pattern on the ground and first floors, were decorated with various designs on the last two floors.

The building, still used by Mungan family, has been divided into various parts, some half-open places have been closed and some additions have been made, since many families have inhabited.

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