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Mor Behnam (Kırklar) Church

Mor Behnam (Kırklar) Church

The church, which was built in the name of Mor Behnam and his sister Saro, and is known as Kırklar Church now, took both names from early period Christian legends and is belonged to the midst of 6th century.

Ceiling part, which is sustained by arch that is placed on 12 massive columns in the east west direction, is laid with flat cut stones. Spiritual and administrative affairs of the people was started to be governed from this church after Mardin became Assyrian Old Patriarchate Centre in 1293.

In Kırklar Church, patriarchs and metropolitans used to stay in the rooms, the ceiling of which was built with cut stone, in the courtyard of the church. A new patriarchate centre was built in the place of these rooms in 1850, a council room was built of cut stone near this place by broadening it in 1925. It’s known that a school was opened there in 1799 and it was operative in the years 1825 – 1899. Education continued until the year 1928.

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