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The geographical position of Midyat is that, there stage Dargeçit in east,Ömerli in west ,Savur in northwest, Gercüş in the north of Batman, Nusaybin in south and İdil province of Şırnak in southeast of the province. This name is used to mean the land and mountain of the warshippings.The one of this region is over 10.000 kilometres square.

There are different opinions about the foundation and name of the province. According to some sources the name of province means “mirror” coming from a combination of Arabic Persian on Suryanic language after lots of changes.

According to another opinion ,the name “Midyat” comes from “Matiate” which means the land of the caves. Thinking about this opinion , say that the name “Matiate” is on Asur prescriptions in the 9th century B.C. Paralel to this opinion, it’s said that “Elath” land showing that caves were the first places of living in Midyat(The place Ziyaret –Nesire 3 kms distant to Midyat and near Acırlı Municipility)has been here since Romans.

This information is included about the history of the province in he Mardin Annual of 1973 ; Eti Turks coming from Middle Asia to Anatolia, inhabited in the land between Dicle and Fırat rivers called Mesopotamia (in about 2000 B.C) while passing into the region they built a large land of caves and raised their animals here. The caves under Midyat were used as shelters in that times.There are connections between these caves.Then Komuk Turks the vanguard inhabitant of Middle Asia Turks inhabited in this region .

Komuks in this region fought with Asurs for years.It’s determined that Asurs conquered this region for few times. But this invasions didn’t last for long and they had to go back. As a matter of fact Komuks were dominant in this case in the period of the Asur Ruler Tiglatninip. The region was invaded by different nations in the years between 500-100 B.C. Makedonians, Persians, Romans ruled in this region Midyat was really inhabited or founded as a region in the period of Selefkus(the years in 180 B.C.)

Christianity was the dominant religion till the 5th century A.D. in the 6th century, the Arabian rushes began after the spreading of Islam, and the armies of Halid Bin Velid conquered the region. It’s seen there were movings for development in the period of Arabics .A large number of the villages in Midyat were founded in the period of Harun El Resid. Harun El Resid placed an army which is a combination of Turk-Arabic rations and formed by his son Memun on 100 station houses began the old way of Cizre-Mardin. Mahalmies was born after this case. The name “Mahalmi” used to call the villages around Midyat comes from that. Mahalmi means 100 districts ,100 lands,100 encampments, and today those old villages on the way to Baghdad speaking a language called Mahalmic language consist of Turkish Suryanic language and particularly Arabic. These villages are Söğütlü, Şenkay, Acırlı, Çavuşlu, Sarıkaya , Gelinkaya, Düzgeçit , Ovabaşı ,Ziyaret, Estel Part, Yolbaşı, Sarıkay, Düzova, Yayvantepe, Eğlence and Delitli.

There are also other opinions about the inhabitants of these villages talking in Mahalmic Language. According to an opinion, these are from “cengaver” and fighter Benihal Tribes living in the Desert Necef . And it has believed that they are Turks from Middle Asia. Memun following a conquering and defending policy by placing them in the Midyat Region between Cizre and Mardi had Midyat Mosque and Derizbin(Acırlı) mosque built. According to Prof. H.Hollerwegar, a lot of villages of Mhalmoye in the east of Mardin and west of Midyat accepted Islam after Christianity in 1209.

In the 11th century Artuk State widened and invaded Halep in west , Musul and Bitlis in east, Harput(Elazığ) in north and Darzuru in south. And Midyat lived its most comfortable times because of being a land between Mardin and Hasankeyf. At those times Derizbin (Acırlı) village was the centre of the region. The authors of Derizbin used to rule as a commonplace related to Artukoğulları, Midyat was conquered by the Ottoman Army ruled by Bıyıklı Memet Paşa in 1535 after Mervanis and Eyyubi.

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