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Mazıdagı was founded in the land 1030-1090high and in the middle of the round mountains where its name is coming in the 47 km northwest of Mardin, in Dicle part of southeast Anatolian Region. Althoughit was a nook related to Savur and Derik, it was become a province on 9th July of 1937.The province has an area of 869 km square, 90 villages and the small villages.

Agricultural and animalistic activities are the main economical sources of the folk. But after using the phosphate in the 17 km northwest of the centre ,there was a white place for walking.

The transportation cases of the province are sufficient . Although there are roads connecting the province to the villages , the transportation in winter is hard because they are not restored efficiently. It’s connected to Derik with a road of 24 kms , Mardin 47 kms and Diyarbakir 72 kms by a paved road.

The history of Mazıdağı has not been investigated particularly but , it can be illustrated by the histories of its neighbours. According to this, the centre of the province was a settlement plays since the Byzantine times. The old name of the province is ‘Samrah’ and it was called so because ıt is on the way of the pines. According to the information obtained from Safran Castle ruins and around it on a vacant hill on the 3rd km southwest pf the province,the folk of this land connecting Sam to Diyarbekir were Suryani. Samrah conquered to Mardin and Sasanis and Byzantines in the 5th and 6th centuries, was conquered by Arabic and a large number of the Christians accepted to be Muslim. The folk going on to be Suryani, migrated to Mardin after the invasion of Timur in 1392.

Yavuz Sultan Selim conquered Diyarbakir and Mardin and ruled them as Ottoman Emperor after he won the war Caldıran against Sah Ismail in 1514.

The castle was built in a hill of 150 meters like a shelter of an eagle and dominant to the way of caravans and the valley from the north to the south. The armies of Timur were able to invade the castle hardly in 20 days and hard a way. There were 150 soldiers in the castle and it was designed to bear against attacks. This castle is a ruin which is a work of Byzantine.

It is known that the inhabitants of the province were Christians and there used to be different groups of families. This are coming from Cançayı, Yakuplu, Bilekçi and Hani and Kulp and four other groups of families and they are going on till nowadays.

While Mazıdağı was once a township related first to Savur then to Derik, it has been become a province in 9th July of 1937. The province takes the name “Şamrah” because it is on the way connecting Diyarbakır to Sam. Samrah means that “the way to Sam”. The name Mazıdağı comes from its being surrounded by mountains and there are lots of Mazı trees.

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