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Religious Places in Mardin

Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque, which is from architecture samples of Artuqid Period and being the symbol of Mardin with its sliced dome and minaret, were built with two minarets according to records. The epigraph, which is on a squared bedplate of single minaret that presents today, shows building date as 1176, but present minaret was built with a new and eclectic ... Read More »

Great Mosque of Dunaysir

The congregational mosque of Dunaysir was commissioned by Artuqid Beg Yülük Arslan (Husam al-Din, 1184-1203) and completed after his death in 1204 by his brother Artuq Arslan (1203-1239). It was abandoned for many years before being restored in 1971 by the General Directorate of Religious Endowments (Vakiflar Genel Müdürlügü). The rectangular mosque is built on a flat site northwest of ... Read More »

Sehidiye Madrasa and Mosque

It is presumed to have been built by Artuqid Sultan Melik Nasreddin Artuqid Aslan in the beginning of the 13rd century. After many changes, restoration and additions to the building, where there is a double naved prayer room and which gives a scheme of porched courtyard and iwaned madrasa, little remained from the original design. Ruined minaret of the building ... Read More »

Sheikh Cabuk Mosque

While its construction date is not certain, it’s highly possible that it gained its present identity in 15th century. It had to restoration in 19th century. The mosque, which spreads on a large area with the walls of garden that can be called courtyard, is on a transversal plan which is a common feature of the mosques and prayer rooms ... Read More »

Hamidiye (Sheikh Zebuni) Mosque

On the road to Savurkapı Thought to date no earlier than the 15th century, the mosque contains sections that could function as a dervish lodge. An inscription states that it was restored in 1882-3 by Sheikh Hamit Efendi. Read More »