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Churches in Mardin

Mor Evgin (Augen) Monastery

While the precise history of the monastery is not known, legend has it that it was founded in 340 by Saint Eugenius or Eugene (Augen), an Egyptian pearl diver from the Red Sea. One of the oldest monasteries in the region, Mor Augen is known locally as ‘Deyr-Marog’. Originally a Nestorian monastery, ownership was later transferred to the Chaldean community. ... Read More »

Mor Behirmiz Church

Thought to date from the 6th century, the church served as the seat of the Nestorian metropolitan bishop until 1552. The church was then transferred to the Chaldean Catholic community, who continue to use it to this day. The dome of the church has an octagonal exterior. Read More »

Virgin Mary Church and Patriarchate

The beautifully ornamented church was constructed by Patriarch Antuan Semheri in 1860 and is supported by 21 columns. The choir gallery boasts excellent acoustics. The patriarchate was built in 1895 by the Patriarch of Antioch Ignatios Behnam Banni. Today, the building serves as the premises of the Mardin Museum. Read More »

Surp Kevork Church

The church of the Armenian Orthodox community, Surp Kevork is known locally as the ‘Hamra’ church. When the building was being restored in 1780, a stone marked with the date 429 was uncovered. Read More »

Mor Behnam (Kırklar) Church

The church, which was built in the name of Mor Behnam and his sister Saro, and is known as Kırklar Church now, took both names from early period Christian legends and is belonged to the midst of 6th century. Ceiling part, which is sustained by arch that is placed on 12 massive columns in the east west direction, is laid ... Read More »