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Churches in Mardin

Mor Efrem Monastery

It is a monastery which is belonged to Assyrian Catholic community and located in Demirkapı District. The monastery which spreads on a large area with its architecture resembling Deyrülzafaran Monastery has a big church next to its southern part. It was operative between the years 1884 – 1993. It was used as a military hospital for 12 years after that ... Read More »

Mort Smuni Church

While the construction date of the church is not known exactly, it’s thought to have remained from 6th century as it resembles Kırklar Church in terms of architecture. It got its name Mort Smuni, who was killed with her seven children for not giving up her belief and declared as saint. Walnut doors covered with iron pieces and large nails ... Read More »

İzozoel Church

The beautiful stonework on the bell tower of the church of Mor İzozoel is some of the finest in Midyat. According to tradition, the church was built near the beginning of the 6th century by architects Theodosius and Theodorus, the sons of the architect of Mor Gabriel. However, another story has it that it was built in the 8th century ... Read More »

Mor Stefanos Church

Closed off to the east by the altar, the inner courtyard to the south of the main church serves as a summer worship area. The baptistery of Mor Yuhanon the Baptist lies north of the church, to which it is connected by high vaults. The interior of the church is very elegant with a long, central nave aligned on an ... Read More »

Mor Mihael Church

Syriac records indicate that this Syriac Orthodox church dates no earlier than the late 5th century. The bell tower stands on a 10th-century bastion, while the tombs in the vaulted crypt date from the 2nd century. While the underground chamber is pre- Christian, the church itself is thought to have been built in 495. Read More »