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Religious Places in Mardin

Mor Efrem Monastery

It is a monastery which is belonged to Assyrian Catholic community and located in Demirkapı District. The monastery which spreads on a large area with its architecture resembling Deyrülzafaran Monastery has a big church next to its southern part. It was operative between the years 1884 – 1993. It was used as a military hospital for 12 years after that ... Read More »

Mort Smuni Church

While the construction date of the church is not known exactly, it’s thought to have remained from 6th century as it resembles Kırklar Church in terms of architecture. It got its name Mort Smuni, who was killed with her seven children for not giving up her belief and declared as saint. Walnut doors covered with iron pieces and large nails ... Read More »

Kasimiye Madrasa

Its building process began in the end of Artuqid domination, possibly in Sultan Isa Period after the building of Zinciriye Madrasa, also possibly by the same architect, but that process was left half finished since Timur invasion and Akkoyunlu pressure began to rule Mardin politics, then the madrasa was called with the name of Kasım (1457 -1502),the son of Cihangir, ... Read More »

Zinciriye (Sultan İsa) Madrasa

Sultan Isa Madrasa, built in 1385 by Melik Necmeddin Isa bin Muzaffer Davud bin El Melik Salih, who was last Artuqid Sultan ruling in Mardin and which is called as Zinciriye Madrasa among people, stands out even from afar with its cusped domes on the east and west edges and high monumental portal in the east side. The building, which ... Read More »

Sitti Radiviyye (Hatuniyye) Madrasa

Sitti Radviye Madrasa, which is an early and mature example in terms of madrasa architecture and a pioneer among iwaned madrasas, was built between the dates July 1176 – May 1184 and called as Hatuniye, the name of Sitti Raziye who was mother of Kutbettin Ilgazi. The building covering a rectangular field, having two iwans, porched courtyard, and also being ... Read More »