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Historical Buildings in Mardin

Hamza-i Kebir Dervish Lodge

The building dedicated to Hamza Bey (1435/36 – 1444/45), the son of Akkoyunlu Kara Yuluk Osman was built in 1438/39 as it is understood from its epigraph. It was used as powder mill between the years 1925 – 1931. In our day, only tomb part of it presents and it is used as prayer room after changed. Tomb has a ... Read More »


Only donkeys and mules can navigate the old city’s narrow, steep streets, although porters are also used to transport goods. Lined with rows of houses, the labyrinthine streets of Mardin are connected to each other via covered passageways known as ‘abbara’. The term is derived from the Arabic word for a closed or gloomy space. The abbara wind between and ... Read More »

Monumental Structures found in Mardin

Mardin is a city of great attraction both for its unusual location and its preserved traditional architecture. While wandering along the main street and through a maze of alleys, stairs and passages (under the houses) called “abbara” by the locals, the visitor will discover the bazaar with its different guilds, a succesion of well preserved, traditional stone-carved houses reflecting all ... Read More »

Dara Ruins

The ruins are in the village of Oğuz, 30 km to the southeast of Mardin city center. Once one of the most important cities in antique Mesopotamia, the site now hosts a tiny village. The city was garrisoned by Emperor Anastasius in 506 and was an important link in the chain of defensive outposts along the Euphrates protecting the eastern ... Read More »