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Historical Buildings in Mardin

Revakli Bazaar

Porched Bazaar, also known as Cavalrymen Bazaar or Middlemen Bazaar, is dated to 17th century. It has an order consisting of porticos on both side of the main way and one row of deep shops behind the porticos. Bazaar was restored as a part of MERDINAR Project in 2002. Read More »

Kayseriyye Covered Bazaar

It’s known as Kaysariya or Bazaar among people. It’s in the bazaars in the North of Grand Mosque. The building which belongs to Artuqid Period has always been restored. Covered Bazaar consists of two main parts. There are shops in a line on the southern part; the places resembling outer shops cover the building all around in inner part. The ... Read More »

Traditional Houses of Mardin

Mardin, is located in an area, commanding the main road connecting the Diyarbakir to Nusaybin of the region known as Tur Abdin in history. When Anatolia was under the rule of the Seljuks, the city was on the main route linking the southern Anatolian port towns of Antalya and Alanya to Baghdad, and Basra via Mosul. In addition, it became ... Read More »

Dara Castle (Daras Anastasiupolis)

Founded approximately at 35 km to the north west of Nusaybin in the beginning of the 6th century AD against the rising threats from the Sassanids, ancient city of Dara was named Anastasiopolis after her founder Anastasius. A typical Roman city with her interesting rock tombs and churches, necropolis, cisterns, bridges, city walls, agora and public areas, Dara is waiting ... Read More »

Maiden Fortress (Kal’at ül al Mara-Lorna-Jurekm)

This bow-shaped fortress played an important role in protecting the city. Inside is a stone throne thought to have belonged to a princess as well as a number of cisterns, wells, caves and architectural ruins. Read More »