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Historical Buildings in Mardin

Abdulkadir Pasha Residence

It’s known to have had built in the later 19th century by Abdulkadir Pasha,who was a member of Board of Governors. It’s presumed that it was built by Chief Architect Sarkis Lole. The building which includes more than one residence in Teker Street has a threefold architecture. It spreads on a large are in east-west direction and has a terraced ... Read More »

The Tokmaks Family House

The Tokmaks house, which is one of the largest houses in Mardin among a group of Assyrian houses, is located in Yenikapi District, on a hillside close to Emineddin Social Complex. The building is five floored with the ground floor. Since land slope and parcel depth are much in that region, the number of floors in the house were increased ... Read More »

Eminuddin Complex (Maristan)

Madrassahs, round-arched, accessed through a door in the side of a window. Barrel-vaulted space in the yard can be reached here. Cross vaults in the west, the east, the belt has separated the two cross-vaulted spaces. The walls of these spaces with niches and windows were applied in the different shapes. Some of the arches, and some are flat stone ... Read More »

Sahkulubey Residence (Cerme Family House)

The façade, which is located just in the north of the First Street while going up from Cumhuriyet Square to Savurkapı, of this building which is the work of Armenian architect Lole, was designed by being inspired of Florence museum building. The house, which was built as three floors by placing on land slope, covers an area of 2040 m2. ... Read More »

Ruins of Mardin

Dara Ruins The ruins of Dara are situated 30 km/ 18.6 miles southeast of Mardin on the road to Nusaybin in the village of Oguz whose houses are built on the site of a previous fortress. Dara was once a significant place in Upper Mesopotamia. Dara was named after Darius I, or in original Persian “Darayavaush” meaning the “king”. After ... Read More »