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Historical Buildings in Mardin

Mardin Girls’ Vocational School

A Junior High School was built in 1898 on the land of Muzafferiye Madrasa, which was found in foundation records in 16th century and was built by Melik Mahmut in the end of 13rd century, but does not present in our day. Junior High School building was used as high school, then girls’ training school and commercial high school at ... Read More »

Caravansary (Surur Inn)

Caravansary, which partially keeps its condition on the main street and is thought to have been built in 17th – 18th centuries, consists of places with two floored porticos around a rectangular courtyard. There are five shops on both sides of the entrance on the street. Many changes on its plan were made in time. Restaurant and café services are ... Read More »

The Old Post Office Building (House of Sahtana Family)

The building, which was made built by Satana family to Armenian architect Lole in 1890 and is one of the finest examples of Mardin civil architecture, stands out opposite fiehidiye Mosque with its rich and glorious stone labor. Until recently, the building was used as Post Office. Read More »

Mungan Family House

A group of houses in Savurkapi District are belonged to Haci Kermo Family,also known as the Mungans. Haci Kermo is the first member of the family that settled in Mardin coming from Syria in the midst of 17th century. It can be said that building of the ground floor of this house was done in the midst of 17th century, ... Read More »

Firdevs Pavillion

The mansion, built by cut stone, is a glorious building for Mardin house architecture, with iwans opening to the west, two-floor places between, being in a garden full of trees and having a pinnacle and a large pool in front of big iwan which is remarkable for Mardin architecture and also with fountains. The first pattern of the building is ... Read More »