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Mardin Information

Mardin Tourism Agencies

Mavi Tur Mardin Kayacan Mh.6.Sk.Ordu Apt.No:1 Artuklu/Mardin Phone: +90 482 212 7 444 Cell Phone: 0530 416 09 91 Mail: [email protected] Web: Bilem Seyahat Acentası Address: Karayolları Karşısı Yenişehir/Mardin Phone : +90 482 213 37 73-74 Bilem Seyahat Acentası Kızıltepe Şubesi Address: Hükümet Konağı Karşısı No: 31 Kızıltepe/Mardin Phone : +90 482 312 50 86 Birey Seyahat Acentası Mardin Şubesi ... Read More »

Mardin Restaurants

List of restaurants located in Mardin and districts. Antakya Döner Salonu – Mardin Phone : 0 482 213 30 40 Capacity : 68 Antik Sur Lokantası – Mardin Phone : 0 482 212 24 25 Capacity : 400 Artuklu Şark Sofrası – Mardin Phone : 0 482 213 13 70 Capacity : 200 Birtat Lahmacaun Pide Salonu – Mardin Phone ... Read More »

History of Mardin

Mardin, a poetic city in Southeastern Turkey, gives her visitors the feeling that time has ceased. Excavations in the area show that Mardin saw classic settlement since 4500 B.C. Mardin is an open air museum which skillfully mixes structures from Subari, Hurri, Sumerian, Akkadian, Mitanian, Hittite, Assyrian, Scythian, Babylonian, Persian, Macedonian, Abgarian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuk, Artuqid and Ottoman periods. ... Read More »

Mardin Traditional Handicrafts

Over thousands of years, countless civilizations have passed through Mardin, endowing it with a rich and unique cultural heritage. As a result, the region produces many ancient traditional handcrafts, including pottery, ironwork, copper work, silverwork (telkari), lace embroidery, leather, kilims, carpets, saddles and stonework. Telkari Telkari is a kind of filigree work made from silver and gold wire. The art ... Read More »

Mardin Cuisine

Mardin cuisine reflects the lifestyle and climate of the region, and makes ample use of local ingredients. Like the rest of Southern and Eastern Anatolian cuisine, Mardin fare is spicy, cooked with plenty of oil, and largely meat-based. Two of the most popular dishes are ‘çiğ köfte’ (spicy raw meatballs) and rice. Cracked bulgur wheat also plays an important role ... Read More »