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Castles in Mardin

Aznavur Fortress

The fortress stands on two hilltops above a wide valley, and was built in 970 by Hamdan Bin Al-Hasan Nasır Al-Debla Bin Abdullah bin Hamdan. The structure measures 400 meters across from east to west, and is 30-60 meters wide. There are 14 towers and 2 watchtowers. The single gate on the southern façade opens onto the main courtyard. The ... Read More »

Dermetinan Fortress

The fortress was built to protect the Karacadağ road between Mardin and Diyarbakır. Perched on a 150-meter high peak, the fortress appears to be Byzantine, although the precise date of construction is not known. The single gate faces north, and there are eight towers plus a watchtower. The fortress is ornamented with beautiful reliefs. Read More »

Zarzavan Castle

Mardin-Diyarbakır highway on the date of construction of this fort is unknown. Could not come to an inscription on the construction of the present sufficient information sources, such as found. History of 50 m in order to protect the Silk Road. Timur seized the castle high on a hill, burned, demolished. Present at the ruins of the castle survived the ... Read More »

Anir Castle

5 km from the center of Mardin province. away from the castle on the hill behind the monastery Deyrulzaferan inscription has survived. Also been found sufficient information in the resources. In this regard, the date of construction have not been clarified.Defend the castle and surveillance purposes, made ​​of local stone and rubble stone. That the plan be drawn quite a ... Read More »