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Castles in Mardin

Savur (Sauras) Fortress

The fortress stands on the flat top of the peak on which the city is built. Built by the Romans, the fortress changed hands many times between the Romans and the Arabs, and was of great strategic importance for an extensive period of time. Read More »

Erdemest Castle

Yeşilli district of Mardin, located on a hill between the village and Arur Castle Nightingale castle construction date is unknown. Was found in the name of historical sources. Made of local stone and rubble stone ruins of the castle is understood that the basic. Read More »

Fatih Castle

Omerli 8 km. southeast, near the village of Beşikkaya. The castle is located in an old residential area at the same time. Read More »

Rabbat Fortress

This ancient fortress was restored by the Artukids, who also made a number of additions to the structure. The fortress has 15 towers and 4 watchtowers. The towers are 15 meters tall. There are gates in the east and west. The remains of a palace are thought to lie under the fortress. Read More »

Marin – Merdis Fortress

Although the precise date of construction is not known, stylistically, the fortress appears to be Byzantine, and has been restored on many occasions. Perched on a high peak, the fortress measures 1500 meters around and has 12 towers and a watchtower. The south gate was secured by a second iron door. The castle of the Merdis King is located to ... Read More »