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Hammams in Mardin

Yeni Kapi Bath

Mardin Yeni Kapi (Bab-i-Jadid) neighborhood in the south of the Turkish bath, Malik Muzaffar Qara Arslan (1258-1285) are among the foundations. Therefore XIII. century, likely to be made. Foundations Hammam was restored in 1915 by Sir Officer Shukri. Today, the ruins of the baths in the rubble and cut stone is clear. It appears that a different part of the ... Read More »

Mardin Great Mosque Bath

Mardin Great Mosque in the neighborhood of the bath, Artukid Sultan Melik Salih (1312-1363) as the foundation, built the Great Mosque. Although there is no inscription baths, foundations and architectural records dated to the first half of XIV. Door to the street and to the east of the Grand Mosque is a simple rectangle with a barrel vault covers an ... Read More »

Mardin Radviyye Bath

Sitti Radviyye Madrasa south. Deed of trust dated 1206 engraved on the wall of the madrasa is mentioned in the bath. This is done before the 12th 1206 to the bath indicates that dated to the end of the century. Very often the repaired structure covers an area of ​​close to a rectangle. Read More »

Sultan Turkish Bath

Sultan Turkish Bath, which stands on two big domed places alongside, highly resembles Turkish bath structures of Rome Period in Diyarbakır and Bayburt in terms of its plan that has constantly opening and spreading characteristics. It must have been belonged to a period earlier than Artuqid Period, since the walls stand lower than the ground. It came until our day ... Read More »