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Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum

Museum building, which is located on Mardin Central Sar District, First Street, in the north of Cumhuriyet Square among a group of Assyrian houses, was built as Assyrian Catholic Patriarchate by Antakya Patriarch Ignatios Behnam Banni in 1895, according to epigraph which is in Museum-sighted closed portal of Virgin Mary Church.

After serving with religious purposes for many years, the building was used as military garrison, headquarter of various political parties, cooperative building, health center and police station. Ministry of Culture which acquires the building from Assyrian Catholic Foundation, made a restoration, then moved Mardin Museum by acquiring from Zinciriye Madrasa to that building in 2000.

Museum building caused the design to be finished as three floors with terracing due to much land slope and parcel depth in the area on which it was built. Mardin Museum which has served since 1947 is also quite spectacular as it includes a variety of pieces.

Antiques, which includes the periods from Paleolithic Era until A.D 19th century, are exhibited in the museum which carries on studies to keep and exhibit the pieces in the cities such as Sırnak,Batman, Siirt since there is no museum there. The museum has three closed showrooms and two open showrooms.

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