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Mardin Great Mosque Bath

Mardin Great Mosque Bath

Mardin Great Mosque in the neighborhood of the bath, Artukid Sultan Melik Salih (1312-1363) as the foundation, built the Great Mosque. Although there is no inscription baths, foundations and architectural records dated to the first half of XIV.

Door to the street and to the east of the Grand Mosque is a simple rectangle with a barrel vault covers an area of ​​wonderful places entered in the bath. Bath made ​​of rubble stone cutting and high drum covered with a dome portion of undressing. Soyunmalığın east side of the central pier is remarkable that the two arched cross-vaulted space.

The cooling section is rectangular, barrel-vaulted. Here the temperature crossed a square, covered with a dome. It is located outside the four corners of the barrel-vaulted iwans. Also the temperature a little corner cells covered with domes.

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