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Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque

Mardin Grand Mosque, which is from architecture samples of Artuqid Period and being the symbol of Mardin with its sliced dome and minaret, were built with two minarets according to records.

The epigraph, which is on a squared bedplate of single minaret that presents today, shows building date as 1176, but present minaret was built with a new and eclectic style in the years 1888/89. Some Assyrian authors claim that the mosque was converted from a church. It’s possible that an old church presented at its place, even it was not converted from church.

The building reflects basic features of the architecture of Artuqid Period in the 12th century. It’s an important example of mosque plan and form, which emerged in southeast in earlier period, with the structure that is domed in front of mihrab and transverse progressing.

The material of the building is cut stone. The dome of Grand Mosque was built with external fluting technique. It was firstly used in that building and then became such a tradition in Mardin that it is a characteristic in some later period Artuqid buildings. The rectangular courtyard of the mosque is on the north of the building.

In the south of the courtyard, a scheme, which is parallel to mihrab wall, consisting of three cradle vaulted naves, transverse progressed, domed in front of mihrab, is seen. This scheme is also a model which was imitated by many buildings around.

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