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Mardin Caves

Mardin Caves

Natural saves used to be important for mankind in finding a place to hide and live against vagaries of the nature or other peoples. Mardin has a specific place in history in this respect in that it gave rise to a cave culture flourishing parallel to rock culture. Inner spaces of these caves provide ample opportunities for visitors to appreciate the patience, resistance and concept of art of those used to live there.

Some caves in the province:

Mardin Gizellin, Şakolin and Friye, Midyat Linveyri Healing, Kefilsannur, Şenköy Kefilmelep, Kefilmardin,Hapisnas, Tınat, Savur Kıllıt, Kızıltepe Hanika and Salah, Nusaybin Hessinmeryem and Sercahan, Mazıdağı Gümüşyuva and Avruhan, Derik Derinsu, Dırkıp and Haramiye.