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Kızıltepe Smiles with ıts dominant colour of yellow stones in Mesopotamia and ıts cheer of rich ears of wheat by the reflexion of sun.

The oldest name of the district was Dunaysır. It was later given the name Koçhisar. The town flourished during the Artuklu rule as an important trade center on crossroads Diyarbakır-Musul and Urfa-Musul. It became a district center as Kızıltepe in 1931

The population of the district is 121,302. 75,819 of these people live in outer towns and villages. 62 percent of the population lives in towns.

94 percent of the area of the district is arable. Crop farming and trade are the main economic activities. Cotton farming has also become important in recent years. It is expected that industries based on agricultural products will flourish when the GAP reaches the district.

The commercial sector is growing day by day thanks to the location of the district on E-24 highway. Agro-industries and other plants are located between the central district and Mardin. Economic activities have further been boosted with the opening of the airport. The central district doubled its population as a center attracting people from rural areas.

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