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Kasimiye Madrasa

Kasimiye Madrasa

Its building process began in the end of Artuqid domination, possibly in Sultan Isa Period after the building of Zinciriye Madrasa, also possibly by the same architect, but that process was left half finished since Timur invasion and Akkoyunlu pressure began to rule Mardin politics, then the madrasa was called with the name of Kasım (1457 -1502),the son of Cihangir, possibly since it was finished by the Akkoyunlus.

The madrasa which has a open front in South is one of the biggest ones among Mardin buildings. It has a open madrasa type, is designed around a single courtyard, has two floors and single iwan. It was built by cut stone and bricks. It is entered from southern front, passing throuh a cradle vaulted corridor which was connected by a portal.

There is an independent prayer room which has the same entrance with other parts in the west of the building. In the east, it has a mosque which ascends on two floors. Around the big cloister which is entered from portal, it consists of cells which are aligned among porticos upon two floors.

In the north of the cloister, there is a big iwan which intercepts the second floor and a pool in front of it. The building must have been considered as a social complex, not a single madrasa itself. The Islamic monastery-tomb near it is a proof of that opinion.

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