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Hamza-i Kebir Dervish Lodge

Hamza-i Kebir Dervish Lodge

The building dedicated to Hamza Bey (1435/36 – 1444/45), the son of Akkoyunlu Kara Yuluk Osman was built in 1438/39 as it is understood from its epigraph. It was used as powder mill between the years 1925 – 1931.

In our day, only tomb part of it presents and it is used as prayer room after changed. Tomb has a cross plan that is expansive in all four sides. While it was being converted to prayer room, a place with a showcase which spoils the features of the front was added to the west entrance front of the building that consists of flat cut stones.

Squinched tomb which covers the square place in the middle of the building is opened t ofour sides with cradle vaults and wings are formed there. The structure was restored by the Governorship of Mardin and is open to the public.

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