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Eminuddin Complex (Maristan)

Eminuddin Complex (Maristan)

Madrassahs, round-arched, accessed through a door in the side of a window. Barrel-vaulted space in the yard can be reached here. Cross vaults in the west, the east, the belt has separated the two cross-vaulted spaces. The walls of these spaces with niches and windows were applied in the different shapes. Some of the arches, and some are flat stone lentolu madrasa given a different look.


Bath, since the complex has a rather dilapidated condition. In 1938, it drew up a plan of Unver Ord.Prof.A.Süheyl bathhouse was destroyed and in some parts of information given to us about the previous position. Before the collapse temperature of the bath is a cross-shaped plan drawn sketch and here is understood reached a passage behind the fountain.Undressing is part of the largest and the only domed baths, located in niches. This is known from the sources used in the treatment of patients with the hot water bath. In this regard, the complex is believed that it was built as a bath in Anatolia Hospital of medicine.

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