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Derik , a border neighbour of Mazıdağı, Viranşehir and Kızıltepe was founded by davutoğulları ( mala Dawıdé kalo) and Kayıhanlılar ( mala Qeya) and branch of family Terka between the years 1890-1400 .The first streets where Derik was founded are still called as Rezé Davut and Merga Keya.Derik was founded by these two families , who had to migrate to this land after killing a hard men called Cıplak (Naked) Haso, in Diyarbakır .

Derik has an area of 1397 km square and the population is 20.700 according to the census in 2000.the municipility was founded in 1874 in Derik, while it was a province of Diyarbakır at this time, it was given to Mardin governorship in 1923. The province covers the lands widening from Mazıdağı’s south areas to the plains of Kızıltepe-Ceylanpınar. The lands of the province and the production of the industrial plants increased by the pounds and wells of irrigation. And there are lots of alive trees, vineyards and trees of fruits.

The elevation of Derik is 780 meters. The height of the mountains in the borders of the province is not higher than 1500 meters. The mountains in the province are called as Mardin Eşiği Mountains. The plain part of the province covers a part of the plain from Harran to Nusaybin. A particular part of the plain is covered with volcanic block stones sprayed by volcanoes which were active at ancient times.

The inhabitants of the centre are busy with vineyards, vegetables, fruits and olives. There is not another action related to production a part from agriculture. The income of the villages on mountains and on Karacadağ depends on rising animal and the income of plains depends on agriculture.

Derik was ruled by all the civilizations, by which Mardin was ruled. While a particular part of Derik was consisted of Ermeni, then a large number migrated from here because of social and economical reasons.

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