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Dargeçit is one of the rare provinces in which ancient and current civilization lived in our country. Dargeçit, one of the centres of North Mesopotamia, has a rare structure in he world for its place and agricultural qualities. It can be regarded as an expression of a good synthesis of the works before and after Christianity combined with Turkish Islamic culture up to now.

The oldest historical documents in Dargeçit and around it are since the times of Asur King 1.Adad Nirari and his son 1.Salmanasır.It’s known that the land called “Kaşari Mountains” is Tur Abidin, or the region of Mardin-Dargeçit. Another geographical phrase about this suburbs is “Izala”. The south slopes of Mardin-Dargeçit Mountains is known as Izala in cuneiform tablets and sources of Byzantine and Roman found in the region. In the 2nd century A.D Arrianus, one of Greek Authors and Ptolomeus mentioned about the geographical region mentioned between Mardin- Dargeçit on the Masios. Mountain Ammicnus Mercellinus from Antakya one of the Historical of the 4th century mentioned about the region between Mardin-Dargeçit in his works. And it means that Dargeçit has an old history.

The history of Dargeçit begins with the migrating of Turks from Middle Asia to Anatolia. A number of migrating Turks inhabited in the place called Mesopotamia. The Turks in Anatolia are Eti Turks. Because Eti Turks (Hitits) were working for agriculture and animals, they inhabited in the places with fertile lands and along banks of rivers. The Mitanni’s founding Eti built shelters for their animals where passing through village. Then the vanguard inhabitants of Middle East the Turks, conquered the land .The visitors were able to stay there for centuries.

The region was invaded by lots of tribes in the ages between 500-1000 B.C Macedonians, Persians and Romans were some of them.The foundation of Dargeçit as a region began since this period and particularly (Selefkuşlar) it is known that Christianity was dominant in the region till the 5th century A.D. But Arabic ruins bean after the spreading of Islam. The Arabic armies ruled by Halid Bin Velid conquered this region. He began to the movements of structure by then the Abbeis ruled the region a large number of the villager and Dargeçit was founded in the period of Harun Resid.

Artuklus were dominant in the region after the ruin of the Great Seljuklu State. Artuklu State conquered Musul and Bitlis in east, Harput in north, Darzoru in south after widening in the period of Melik Sökmen.

The ruling of Artuklu State ends up when Timur invades Mardin and takes Sultan İsa the ruler to Semerkant. Timur left Sultan İsa on condition of paying tax. When Dargeçit was a township of Midyat it became a province with the law of 3992 in 1982.

Dargeçit is a good centre of province given to the Mardin Governorship in the south of south east, Anatolian Region. It has a 550 kilometres square of area. The average elevation is 900 metre. There are Güçlükonak province of Batman in east, Midyat in west, Gercüş related to Batman in north and İdil related to Şırnak in south.

According to results of the census in 2000 the general population of Dargeçit is 26.240. After the migrating of villagers since 1990 the centre of the population has a higher population.

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