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Abdullatif (Latifiye) Mosque

It’s one of the big courtyard mosques in Mardin, the main site of which shows a transversal progression, middle domed and consisting of two niches on both sides of the domed site, squared sites which are covered by cradle vaults. The portal in the east side, which is decorated with deluxe ornaments can be described as the best conserved portal ... Read More »

Reyhaniye Mosque

The 15th-century mosque was heavily restored in the 18th and 19th centuries. The twostory structure is one of the largest mosques in Mardin, consisting of a square central space, a summer mihrab, an iwan with a ‘selsebil’ fountain, an additional room, a minaret, a cross-vaulted entrance and five shops below. Read More »

Hamza-i Kebir Dervish Lodge

The building dedicated to Hamza Bey (1435/36 – 1444/45), the son of Akkoyunlu Kara Yuluk Osman was built in 1438/39 as it is understood from its epigraph. It was used as powder mill between the years 1925 – 1931. In our day, only tomb part of it presents and it is used as prayer room after changed. Tomb has a ... Read More »

Cihangir Bey Dervish Lodge

That building, which presents in the southwest of Kasimiye Madrasa and called by native tradition as tomb of Akkoyunlu Sultan Cihangir (1444 – 1468), resembles a islamic monastery – tomb rather than just a tomb with its pit entrance site, its part which follows mosque area with transversal site and its niches. There is a lancet arched entrance from the ... Read More »

The Mausoleum of Sultan Seyhmus

This mosque complex consists of the mausoleum of a religious leader named Sultan Şeyhmus plus a variety of service buildings, and is a popular site of pilgrimage for visitors from Mardin and the surrounding region. Read More »