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Abdulkadir Pasha Residence

Abdulkadir Pasha Residence

It’s known to have had built in the later 19th century by Abdulkadir Pasha,who was a member of Board of Governors. It’s presumed that it was built by Chief Architect Sarkis Lole.

The building which includes more than one residence in Teker Street has a threefold architecture. It spreads on a large are in east-west direction and has a terraced feature. Southern front of the site which is located on the east side of the building was built as oriel. In our day, this oriel house has been segregated from the building and it has a different residence view.

In residence, on both indoor and outer front walls, there are fine examples of genuine wooden ornaments which have conserved themselves until our day. Wooden wings of entrance door are walnut veneered and some of these doors are exhibited in Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum. Nowadays, the residence is used by The Gözes, who are from the family of Abdülkadir Pasha.

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